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Winery Tenuta Dodici has 13 hectares of vineyards in 2 terroirs in Maremma: the thousand-year-old village of Tatti (400 meters above sea level) and on a hill in Grilli (150 meters above sea level). The landscape made it possible to locate the buildings of the production area "embedded" into the hill, thanks to which natural insulation was created, ensuring constant temperature and humidity throughout the year, which is necessary for high-quality wine production and storage.


The production and quality control of Dodici wines is managed by the hereditary winemaker Angelo Migliori. In search of unique flavors that rival the best Italian wine houses such as Masseto, he offers innovative and experimental solutions.
Awards Received
Migliori works together with one of the best enologists in Italy, the legendary Ricardo Cotarella. He stood at the origins of the revival of the country's winemaking and managed to work in almost all regions of Italy and became one of the most influential persons in the field of winemaking over the past 20 years. The range of Dodici wines includes 15 items from basic to exclusive collection items with a potential of aging
for 50 years.

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