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The count of generations of winemakers of the Ziantoni family is lost over time. Originating in the thriving Roman hills of Marino, we have always made wine in our lives. In 1972, Ovidio Ziantoni moved from Lazio to the well-known Tuscany, where he enriched his tradition as a grower and transformer of white grapes, with the production of the fantastic red grapes, which characterize our territory so much. From here began our adventure as San Luciano, a splendid property located on the gentle hills of Monte San Savino, in the fertile Val di Chiana. The generations are continuing to follow each other, still maintaining the same passion and philosophy.
Remaining tied to the Lazio tradition, Ovidio also planted in Tuscany the white vines of his childhood: Trebbiano, Malvasia, Grechetto and Vermentino. As for the red grapes, the choice can only fall on Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo and Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Time passes, harvest after harvest and the sons Marco and Stefano, now grown, decide to increase the vineyard area, purchasing a new plot and also planting internationally renowned vines, such as Chardonnay for the whites and Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon for the reds. Our selections of wines are born from this wave of youth, which still give us a lot of satisfaction.
Our vineyards are located on the hills of Monte San Savino, 330 meters above sea level, with a South, South-East exposure. The soil is medium clayey and the area benefits from a humid climate in the cold season and hot and dry in the hot season.
During the harvest, the grapes are immediately brought from the vineyard to the cellar for crushing, destemming and for the first passage in the press, to finish fermenting in steel tanks at controlled temperatures.
Not all the grapes follow the same path, the part selected for the superior red wines is processed separately, choosing the best wood for the refinement of the tannins of the individual grapes in the barrel cellar, while, for the selection white wines, the vinification will continue in the steel barrels.
The next step is to assemble the wines from the various barrels together, back into the steel tanks, waiting for the final step: the refinement in the bottle. This period plays a key role in the end result, because it is a process that needs time and patience. The cellar, equipped with a complete bottling and packaging chain, allows us to follow production step by step and complete it.
From the vineyard to the table, we are proud to bring our customers a genuine product, where they can find the flavors of tradition.