Ronco del Gelso

CORMONS Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Ronco del Gelso

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The Ronco del Gelso winery's 25 ha of vineyards are located in the northeastern point of Italy in the Friuli Isonzo DOC area, in that short stretch of plain created by the tributaries of the Isonzo River that runs from the hills of the Collio to the Adriatic Sea. It is a family-run business founded in 1988 by Giorgio Badin, who transformed his father's livestock farm into a winery. From a few thousand bottles it now produces about 150,000 bottles annually. The originality of Ronco del Gelso's wines is due to the ideal climate for ripening quality grapes where fresh airflows from central Europe mix with warm Adriatic winds and to the stony, calcareous and very dry alluvial soil. Giorgio Badin, who in addition to being the owner performs the functions of agronomist and oenologist, has always believed that the best oenology is made only with raw material of the highest quality, so utmost importance is given to the vineyard and the care with which the grapes are prepared. The white grapes are pressed whole trying to preserve the varietal aromas as much as possible then some ripen in large wood others in steel, all however remain on the lees for a long time. The reds are vinified in the traditional way with long macerations followed by long aging in wood. The wines obtained are balanced wines of European taste capable of lasting many years in the bottle always evolving in a positive way where finesse and elegance are the most present characters. These are wines that in addition to expressing the best qualities of the varieties tell the story of where they come from.

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