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Fontefico's estate covers about 15 hectares grown organic: every wine is a CRU and it comes from a specific vineyard, unique and unrepeatable.
This is our production philosophy, focusing on the careful selection of every element, from the vineyard just to get to the sorting of each bunch of grapes.
Man’s work is important but nothing would without the aid of nature. Our optimal climatic conditions are the most important ingredient for producing healthy grapes and then a good wine.
Above the Punta Penna’s headland, the cool and salty winds from the Adriatic Sea constantly cross our vineyards, keeping the vines dry and healthy. In very hot years, the winds freshen the vines.
Moreover, with the natural grassing we get a balanced nutrition for plants because the herbaceous cover acts both as a solar panel in the Spring and as an insulator in the Summer, also limiting soil erosion.
In September, the grape is ripe, we harvest it only by hand, using small carts or in 20-kg-boxes. Then we destem the cluster within only 20 minutes, just to preserve the best quality.

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