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Casale Mattia belongs to a family that has been working in the oenological field for generations.
Our winery is located on the homonymous hill south of Rome at 200 mt. above the sea level, in a
land deeply marked by history and culture that came to magnificence especially during the
Roman Age: the large number of ruins located in this farm are still a proof of this glorious
Our vineyards are organically cultivated since 1995 and are controlled by Aiab/Icea.
The project of the farm is to rediscover the original taste of the wines of this region in a
continuous search of quality and of the authenticity of the final product.
The long experience joined with the ancient tradition in this field makes Casale Mattia wines the
result of continuous attention, ceaseless care and search for quality, both in the vineyards
and in the winery.
Nothing is left to chance: grapes are carefully selected in the respect of the environmental
characteristics of the soil and of the variety of the vine. A particular attention is given to the
vinification using the most modern techniques and winemaking processes, that exalt the
potentially of grapes and their flavours.
At last, an automatic bottling system with microfiltration, is programmed to follow the marketing
needs. The package is particularly careful in fact w use just six bottles cases where the
wines are laid down.
Now Casale Mattia wines are ready to offer the consumers their original taste, rich of flavours,
tradition and experience and to be exported in most important countries all over the world.

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