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The Company Wine Country Guolo was born about 50 years ago, thanks to the initiative and commitment of grandfather Piccolo, Attilio and his brothers and grandmother First Leonia. After countless generations of subordination precarious, createsi finally the conditions for acquiring a small property, in the early 70s of last century, the three brothers set up the Winery, gradually engaging in the vineyard all the available surface and starting the acquisition of necessary equipment for the processing of the vineyard and wine.

Over the years the vineyards have been almost entirely renovated and the basement has upgraded its facilities, keeping pace with modern winemaking techniques and practices.

Today Dad Bruno, children Alberto and Pier Paolo and mother Monica directly follow each step of the complex operations involved in the production and sale of the wine.

Our Company is closely linked to its territory, portion of the City of Two Carrare (PADUA) overlooking the east side of the Loss Euganei, characterized by the presence of a small hill, latest offshoot of the complex euganeo, call “The Monteseo” (Monticello), hence the name MONTICELLO WINES.

Company is working in exclusively grapes grown in its own vineyards, uniting the traditional practice processes and technologies of modern oenology.

We are convinced that the superb technology now available to the winemaker allows you to fully exploit the intrinsic typicality of wines, reducing contamination factors which can alter appearance, aromas, taste.

The Company from time moves in this perspective, aware that tradition and innovation are not mutually, but bearers of that amazing journey that brings the magic of wine in our tables.

The wines, red and white, close, and sparkling wines, are offered to the public packaged in the classic liter bottles 0,75, or in bulk form, using vessels owned by customers.

Our customers are typically families consuming the product during the year and resales, bar, wine, hotel the neighboring area of ​​Abano Terme and Abano. There are frequent company visits by guests of the spa area customers, mainly from Austria and Germany, with tasting of the various wines and direct purchase.

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