moscato d'asti DOCG 2018

Vinicola Sacro Cuore

Santo Stefano Belbo Piemonte

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moscato d'asti DOCG 2018 2018

Type: Sweet

The MOSCATO d’ASTI Docg is the most famous Moscato of our country/village
and one of the most typical products of Piedmont viticulture. Sweet, but not
cloying, of one of a kind fragrance, delicate and intense to the palate, it
reminds wisteria and linden, peach and apricot with hints of sage, lemon and
orange blossoms. The MOSCATO d'ASTI has an intense aromatic component in
harmony of taste with the sugary component and a low alcohol content that
make it unique. At production level, the fermentation is stopped when the
alcohol content of about 5% volume is reached. Moreover it maintains an
unmistakable liveliness even if it is not considered a sparkling wine
COMBINATIONS: very pleasant at anytime, it is perfect combined with a lot
of desserts, even the processed ones.

Data Sheet
moscato d'asti DOCG 2018
Vinicola Sacro Cuore

  • moscato d'asti DOCG 2018
  • Vinicola Sacro Cuore
  • 2018
  • Italia
  • Piemonte
  • Santo Stefano Belbo
  • Sweet
  • Bottiglia 0,75l
  • 5,5
  • Chocolate, Dry cakes and pastries, Fresh cheese, Fruits, Dried fruit

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