Cervignano del Friuli Friuli-Venezia Giulia


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The Family
According to the most ancient traditions and keeping the pace with the newest technologies, our family has been producing the most renowned wines of FRIULI; a quest for quality which has been handed down, from father to son, for four generations.

The Farm
Owned by the Vitas family since 1935, it is placed on an area of 20 hectares in STRASSOLDO a striking fortified village from the feudal age in the heart of wine-making area D.O.C. AQUILEIA. The whole producing process, starting from the wine-making up to its marketing, is strictly family-managed;

The Vineyard
Respectful of the typical soil composition of this area, great care is devoted to the vineyard. Vine-growing is based on the principles of drastic pruning and harvest yield-abatement. Our grapes reach their excellent characteristics thanks to a careful selection made during the harvesting and to a constant care devoted to the vines, which are always cultivated according to the traditional methods;

The Climate
The influence of the sea, the warm sirocco and the dry north-winds, together with a friendly sun and an average temperature of 14°, as well as the absence of night frosts, are the ingredients wich create the perfect microclimate for the vine-growing;

The Land
The land is clayey and sandy, perfect for vine’s cultivation;

The Environment
Priority is given to recycled and recyclable materials used for cardboard boxes, labels, catalogues and so on. The plant-protection campaign in our vineyards is carried out using natural products, bio-compounds and natural fertilisers which are always employed at proper times and in strictly limited amounts.

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