Villa Le Prata

Montalcino Toscana

Villa Le Prata

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Massimo Losappio, chief surgeon of Montalcino hospital and his wife Marialuce, a philosophy teacher, purchased the Villa in 1980 and, driven by the passion for wine and the pleasure to share with their friends the fruits of this generous land, planted the first hectare of vineyard near the Villa. Later on, with the absolute desire to enclose in a single bottle the most authentic atmosphere of the Montalcino land, two other vineyards were planted in the area of Castelnuovo dell’Abate and acquired the fourth vineyard near the Villa.

These vineyards, in three different zones, are the perfect combination of the elegance, the perfumes conveyed by altitude, and the body and structure of the land south of Montalcino.

Villa Le Prata is a very small estate run by the family members who work with passion to obtain exclusively fine wines.

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