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Fattoria Acquaviva

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The Acquaviva Wine Farm was created in 1984 when Mr.
Serafino D’Ascenzi, the present day owner, bought the
estate from the Marquess Ciacci.
At first, Mr. Serafino bought only three hectares of white
wine vineyards; later, he purchased more land for red
wine vineyards so that, nowadays, his property is made up
of 15 hectares.
Various types of vines: Sangiovese, Malvasia nera, Alicante,
Trebbiano, Chardonnay, Verdello.
The excellent quality of the wines and praise from wine
experts made them decide first to enlarge the original
old wine cellar, and then, later, to build the new wine
cellar. Their aim was not only to improve the wine itself
and to make some new ones but also to make room in the
wine cellar for meetings and specific events designed to
promote Tuscan and maremma wine and food in Italy.

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