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The owner, Giuliano Ormenese comes from three generations of wine producer.
When he was 12, he used to follow his father, Leo, and his grandfather, Angelo, into the fields where they cultivated the land that used to belong to the Malipiero family and which was situated in the town of the same name “Ca’ Malipiero”, following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather Bepi.
In 1970, in their cellars in Fossalta, he and his father began a small production of wines that were the result of scrupulous research into the varieties of grapes grown in the Triveneto, even the less known ones, like Grappariol, Rabosino Bianco, Perera, Verdisa, etc.
In 1987, to exploit their experience, they established their own Family Wine Making concern, with its head office in Palazzo Bortolozzi Marini, a Venetian Villa dating back to the 18th century and situated in the Lampol bight of the Piave River and which had miraculously escaped destruction during the Great War. It is often mentioned in history books which talk of the First World War, as it was famous for the brave resistance to the enemy attacks, and there are still two commemorative stones for the heroic resistance that was opposed on the 15-16-17 June 1918.
Villa Canthus is still a family run concern, producing and bottling a limited amount of wines that are the result of scrupulous and methodical research into the best quality white and red wines from the Triveneto, vintage red wines, sparkling wines and passito wines.

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