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VICARI "Vini dei Monti Dauni"
ViCARi is a destination for those wishing to learn about the wines produced in the territory of Biccari (FG) in particular to experiment with the new products Nero di Troia, Falanghina, Rosato di Nero di Troia, Spumante di Bombino. The project was born from the passion of the three partners Giuseppe, Donato and Antonio, for the safeguarding of ancient tastes and from love for their land.
From the renunciation of the herbicide, up to the harvest, passing by tincture and thinning: this is how our group works on the vineyards. By eliminating the chemical treatments related to the moth, we not only produce a healthier grape, but in our own small way we help safeguard the ecosystem, avoiding the use of pesticides. For us at Vicari, our small vineyards are the most precious treasure. Not only because "wine becomes vineyard", as everyone likes to say. But because it is among the rows that the ethical imprint of a producer takes shape: respect for the health of the consumer, and, even more important because it also concerns those who do not drink wine, respect for nature.
The artisan nature of the organization, guaranteed by its small size and the exclusive control of the fundamental agronomic and oenological practices by the producer alone, allows continuous research and experimentation (resorting to free fermentation and use of unselected native yeasts) aimed at achieving an interpretation of wine that is ever more faithful to the place, the microclimate and the human experience that produce it.
There are 5,000 bottles of VICARI wine, currently produced by 3 varietals vinified in purity: Nero di Troia, Falanghina and Bombino. After harvesting by hand, the pigiodiraspata grapes begin maceration on the skins (for about 4 days), then move on to pressing with a vertical, hydraulic-manual press. Alcoholic fermentation takes place spontaneously, at an uncontrolled temperature, in small steel silos of 2,500 liters thanks to the yeasts present in the skins. Only after the end of the lactic fermentation is a minimum of sulphites used to block the lactic bacteria. The wine matures until May in steel with the exception of MACCHIONE "Nero di Troia" which remains to rest for another 2 months in Quercio barrels. The wine is bottled without undergoing microfiltration and fining.

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