Tulone Merlot

Caterina Termine S.r.l.s.

Sciacca Sicilia

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Tulone Merlot 2018

Type: Red

Classification: IGT Sicilian Land

Variety: 100% Merlot

Alcoholic Degree: 14% by volume (the alcoholic degree is indicative and could undergo variations of +- 0.5%
by volume)

Production area: Sciacca 300 m above sea level, south-east exposure

Soil: Mainly clayey, medium deep, with abundant pebbles, calcareous, with spontaneous herbaceous vegetation. The presence of pebbles means that the soil is well oxygenated, a characteristic that has a positive effect on the quality of the grapes.

Agronomic management: The vine shoots together with the wild herbs, are chopped, thus contributing to enriching the soil with organic material, which then gradually releases the nutrients to the vines. The vineyard is currently being converted to organic production.

Breeding Counter: espalier guyot

Planting distance: 2.40 m. x 1.00 m.

Yield per ha: 60-65 quintals

Vinification: Harvested at phenolic ripening, it is left to macerate whit the skins for about 7/10 days with continuous pumping over until the sugar is almost zeroed. It is transferred to barriques where malolactic fermentation and maturation take place. Then the wine is refined in the bottle.

Organoleptic characteristics: The wine has an intense ruby red colour. On the smell you can perceive aromas of berries and ripe cherries. The scent of alcohols spreads, that extols the product’s characteristics of robustness. At times you feel the ethereal, with hints of wax, which gives it a bouquet of evolved wine. On the palate it is round and balanced, the tannic even if it is present is softened by the alcohol and the wood of the barrique. Once swallowed, it leaves the mouth full of a persistent aroma.

Pairings: It goes well with roasts and meat-based main courses; it also goes well with blue fish, especially if grilled. It also goes well with medium- and long-aged cheeses and cured meats such as ham and salami in general. It is recommended to combine typical Sicilian flavours, such as “pasta cu pistu”, caponata di melanzane and sarde a beccafico.

Data Sheet
Tulone Merlot
Caterina Termine S.r.l.s.

  • Tulone Merlot
  • Caterina Termine S.r.l.s.
  • 2018
  • Italia
  • Sicilia
  • Sciacca
  • Red
  • Bottiglia 0,75l
  • Terre Siciliane IGT
  • 14
  • Cured meat, Roasted Meat, Red meat, Meat sauce, Bush meat

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