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It is said of two French brothers who left "Toulon" for Sicily during the brief reign of Charles of Anjou, brother of the King of France. Once in Sciacca, they were assigned land which they started to cultivate. So the two brothers followed generations of farmer families whose bond with the land has always been strong and indissoluble over time.

Giuseppe Tulone is a producer who lovingly cares for the family vineyard which extends over two hectares, in a highly suitable area for the cultivation of grapes from which a very valuable merlot is obtained.

Our vineyard is located in the "Forficicchia" district, at 320 meters above sea level, in the territory of Sciacca, and is located on a south-east facing slope overlooking the African Sea, benefiting from direct sunlight all day long, thus allowing the right ripening of the grapes.

After harvesting by hand, the grapes are transported to the cellar where they are de-stemmed and then fermentation begins with indigenous yeasts. This fermentation lasts 8/10 days at the end of which the de-stemmed is pressed. The wine must is placed in the oak barrels and the malo lactic fermentation starts from there. At the end of this procedure, the racking takes place and subsequently, the wine thus obtained is transferred to the barrels. At this point, after adding the potassium metabisulphite, the wine is left to rest for about three / four months. Then the wine will be ready for bottling.

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