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Castellina in Chianti Toscana

Tenute Squarcialupi - La Castellina

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La Castellina Antiche Tenute Squarcialupi Winery, has origins that date back to the thirteenth century, more than 600 years of history and passion in making wine that started in the vicinity of the medieval borough of Castellina in Chianti, a land of great red wines, in the heart of Tuscany.
Built in 1400 and founded by Squarcialupi family, (an ancient and nobile family that ruled all the Chianti territory between 1200 and 1400) the Squarcialupi Palace is now the headquarters of the Winery, where seat the offices and the Wine -ageing cellars.
Owner and founder of La Castellina Antiche Tenute Squarcialupi Winery is Tommaso Bojola, with his wife Monica and his son Cosimo at his side. Tommaso, by his determination to achieve quality, has continued to increase with great passion the philophophy on wine making, introducing modern equipment and new techniques, always with reciprocal respect for the terroir, for the Chianti wine- growing traditions and his identity. La Castellina Antiche Tenute Squarcialupi Winery is situated in the South West side of the valley of Castellina in Chianti, at less than 500 meters from the town centre, in a valley at the bottom of the hill, just in one of the most beautiful countryside in the world. The property is made up of 140 hectares of which 30 hectares are registered at the Chianti Classico Board.
Our wines are authentic wines, by the organic production method we obtain fresh and elegant products, generous and intense, wines that reflect the meticolous attitude in the cellars, wines that reflect the hight fermentation equipment and the love for this earth.
Our products represent the soul of this territory: Chianti Classico, SuperTuscan, Vinsanto, Grappa and Extra-virgin olive oil.
Recently the Winery adopted a new and important method of vinification which combines ancient traditions with the newest research: the vinification by terra-cotta amphorae of Impruneta . By the grape skin maceration our wines assume an elegantly and delightfully fresh and floral aromas, a round taste with a mineral character, a great aromatic expression for the Chianti Classico.
The pursuit of excellence defines our wines that always are specially appreciated from the most important wine editors, all the last vintages are over 90 points from James Suckling.
Awards Received
James Suckling
5 Star Wines
Guida Oro Veronelli

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