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The company’s philosophy
We, the people of Saporicentroitalia, have a big passion for all the products born in our lands.
We are so passionate about what we do that we never stop searching for new excellence in the traditional recipes of Central Italy and once we found them, we never stop testing them.
We trust that we can improve our customers’ life by offering them only high quality products.
The idea of liqueurs
In the uncultivated fields of the Molise hinterland, you can find numerous spontaneous herbs like wild fennel, mint, chicory, dandelion, wheatgrass, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, etc.
All these herbs have healing properties for our body that can really improve life, so with a wise selection and an appropriate processing, all the digestive, purifying, anti-inflammatory and aromatic properties are extracted. During the production we use only natural and fresh products, because we refuse using preservatives and synthetic aromas.

Saporicentroitalia has created a range of products with low alcohol content that are: Root 13 (13 Herbs Digestive Bitter); Amoè (Wild Fennel Liqueur); La Prunella (Sloe Liqueur); Estratto Di Poncio Campobasso (Campobasso Poncho Liqueur); Grumen (Citrus Bitter Liqueur).

All these products are created by using alcohol as a disinfectant and preservative of essences extracted from herbs, as well as vehicle of genuine substances for our body.
That’s why we recommend drinking our products regularly and, of course, moderately, so that they can constitute a sort of natural cure in order to get the digestive, purifying, anti-inflammatory, diarrheal and many others functions better.

The idea of wines
The passion for wines has long been consolidated in the personality of the owner of Saporicentroitalia which has a small production of good quality wines, which it makes available to its customers to share the sought after flavors
Awards Received
Siamo stati selezionati per l'Amaro Digestivo alle 13 Erbe - ROOT 13 - e inseriti nel " Grande libro dell'amaro italiano, edito da Giunti editori, quale produttore della Regione Molise.

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