Pinot Grigio "Sot lis Rivis"

Ronco del Gelso

Cormons (Gorizia) Friuli-Venezia Giulia

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Pinot Grigio "Sot lis Rivis" 2020

Type: White

This wine comes from the Pinot Grigio vineyards planted in Sot Lis Rivis, after which it is named. It is an opulent wine that is aged in used oak barrels to give an aromatic structure that the grape variety itself does not possess. The harvest is postponed as long as possible to take advantage of a particular characteristic of Pinot Grigio grapes, which lose water and weight if left on the vine when ripe, concentrating the fruity notes. The most interesting vintages are those with hot, warm days around the harvest, which yield a balanced Pinot Grigio Sot Lis Rivis with low acidity and good body supported by richness of flavour. The alcohol content is always high, but never burning, and confers sweetness in conjunction with the prominent fruit. The citrusy nose is unusual for a Pinot Grigio and is echoed on the palate. Do not expect a simple wine, as many do from this variety.

Data Sheet
Pinot Grigio "Sot lis Rivis"
Ronco del Gelso

  • Pinot Grigio "Sot lis Rivis"
  • Ronco del Gelso
  • 2020
  • Italia
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia
  • Cormons (Gorizia)
  • White
  • Bottiglia 0,75l
  • Friuli Isonzo DOC
  • 13,5%
  • Crudités, Sushi, Fish

Awards Received

91p. 4 VITI – “LA GUIDA AI VINI D’ITALIA VITAE 2023” Associazione Italiana Sommelier
90 p. – FALSTAFF WINE GUIDE Italien 2023

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