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Poggiotondo is the name of our farm, established around 1850 by Lady Ada Lapini, Lorenzo Massart senior’s wife. Then Antonio Cutini took over, followed by Guglielmo Massart, Emilia Petrelli, Bebe Bertelli and Manuela Massart, to whom we owe everything. Our 54-hectare estate lies over the territories of two different municipalities, Subbiano and Arezzo. The estate comprises three localities: Poggiotondo (500 metres above sea level), Le Rancole (200 metres above sea level) and Valloni (150 metres above sea level). We have been carrying out our very ambitious project in Poggiotondo for twenty years and we are committed in fully achieving it. We want to produce wine and olive oil of the highest quality with the help of a unique group of collaborators and of some distinct experts such as agronomist Augusto Zarkis, oenologist Luciano Bandini and oil expert Giorgio Pannelli. According to that, we have shared the job: Lorenzo is busy with everything concerning the wine, Cinzia takes care of everything regarding the oil. However, we both take part into the various activities (pruning, fertilization, harvesting, bottling, marketing, selling, etc ...) and decide.

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