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Poggio al Grillo

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Poggio al Grillo is a small and young winery that produces artisan wines.

We are located in the hilly area of Castagneto Carducci, in Tuscany.

Our history started in 2008 when Alessandro Scalzini, a cardiologist with a strong passion for viticulture, planted the first Aleatico vineyard in the Casavecchia valley. The passion for viticulture soon involves the whole family to the point that Giulia, the youngest daughter, decided to become a winemaker. In 2015 the cellar was built: it's small, but there is everything we need.

We have 2 hectares of vineyards. Our strategy of defence is the integrated pest management: each vine is carefully monitored in order to apply various precautions to respect soil and biodiversity.

Our wines are sincere, we experiment a lot and we try to use all our energies looking for the most authentic expression of the grape variety and the territory in which they grow.
Awards Received
Rezeno 2017: QUATTRO VITI - Guida VITAE 2019 (AIS)

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