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The Piombaia farm was born from the union of the Rossi (originating from Montalcino) and Cantini (originating from Pisa) families. For three generations the two families have led the company until today where Francesco, Cecilia and Vittorio Cantini have taken over the management, always maintaining respect for the land and the life cycles of nature and today arriving to apply the principles of biodynamic agriculture.
Biodynamics implies a way of working, observing and living the earth. The deep link with nature and the complete respect of its rhythms lead to abolish the use of synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides and to manage the soil following the cosmic and lunar cycles. According to the biodynamic method, the fertility and vitality of the soil must be obtained with natural means: compost produced from solid courtyard fertilizer, vegetable material as fertilizer, crop rotations, mechanical pest control and pesticides based on mineral and vegetable substances.
A philosophy of life to appreciate all the harmony of a cultivated field, the succession of seasons and time.
The land of Piombaia extends for about 210 hectares, at a height ranging from 400 to 600 m / slm and is divided into: 12 hectares of vines, 70 hectares of arable land, 2 hectares of olive groves, 2 hectares of horticultural crops and the rest of the woods surrounding the whole property.
Part of the property and activities of Piombaia is also a farmhouse with 7 apartments and swimming pool, open all year round, with the adjoining Osteria La Crocina restaurant, with typical Tuscan cuisine

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