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The challenge that in 1996 we decided to launch ourselves by transforming the land to vineyard satisfies and excites us more and more. To our 3 wines in purity, Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, we added in 2003 a first basic assembly and, in 2004, a second, aged in barrique. Since 2009 we have added a Vermentino that doesn't give up the body of our land, but had the necessary softness for palates and delicate foods; we have also introduced the cultivation according to the biological rules in order to respect to the maximum the natural characteristics and to guarantee a cured and genuine product. From the 2015 harvest all our wines are certified organic. Quality has always been the main objective of the company, thanks also to the work in the cellar where tradition meets the most modern technologies to accompany the wine in its path, first in steel vats, then in small French oak barrels and for last in the bottle.
Now Pagani de Marchi is a small jewel close to Casale, between Bibbona and Cecina. Built on Etruscan soil, it is renowned for being the archaeological site that has re-emerged the tomb of an Etruscan prince and in his honor produces since 2001 the Sangiovese in purity called precisely "Principe Guerriero" (Worrior Prince).
The last born 2016 is a 100% organic Cabernet Sauvignon, vinified in amphora. A great challenge for us but also the great satisfaction of producing a wine at the same time innovative and extreme, able to express its character through the richness of the fruit and the great complexity of the aromas.