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The Project

"A market of excellence, with one of the best products in the world, stuck at the stake for years. A market lacking capable commercial figures."

"The hard-times of our export sales, at the end of the day could have little or nothing to do with the quality of the product itself as with the skills in the field, which, from a brief analysis are few, inadequate, old."

"We need professionals who are competent and motivated, who speak the languages, who know the markets even before the wine, and know how to weave relationships. Today these figures are not yet there, or there are not enough."

"The path to a future evolution can only start from the birth of new commercial figures, but those need to know how to move international markets."

Source - Focus: Italian Wine Market

Airwns was founded with the aim of giving an important, functional and reliable tool to the wineries and wine producers to expand the boundaries of their reference markets, and at the same time create a direct relationship with its customers, able to bring marginality and more information for a better positioning of the product on the market.

The platform offers: Internationalization, Logistics assistance, Secure Payments, Increased Marginality.

We provide you with a reliable and effective tool, the solution is yourselves!