The Network - Air Wines

How does it work it's a web-platform exclusively dedicated to the sale of wine.

The advertiser (The producer and seller), accesses a private area protected by personal and secret credentials, from which through a simple and intuitive interface can load his products, correlating the product sheets of photos and descriptive texts, to create the its online wine shop completely free.

From this interface, for every single product, you can define and manage the commercial policy, in an instantaneous way: price, availability.

The site is translated into many foreign languages, aimed at the markets of greatest interest, and indexed on the various international search engines.

The end customer (the buyer) can browse the site and through the search tool apply filters to select the most congenial product. The site also suggests results in line with the preferences expressed by the buyer, in order to help him choose better, and at the same time give visibility to other producers perhaps unknown to him.

Air Wines offers you complete logistic support by taking care of shipments: operations at your expense are reduced to a minimum.

When ordering, the site calculates a final price including the cost of transport, calculated in a clear and definitive way according to the residence of the buyer or alternatively the address indicated for shipping, and at the same time generates a withdrawal order to the contracted transport company, which will provide within 48 hours the pick-up of the goods directly from the manufacturer.

We deliver all over the world, door to door, in few days.

The payment is immediate and takes place through a secure transaction process, guaranteed by the most secure and widespread platforms currently available (PayPal, Visa, ecc).

Air Wines will retain only 10% + VAT of the value of the goods, or in any case no less than € 2.99 plus VAT for each order processed.