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Blundo Gaetano

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News About The Farm
Gaetano Blundo’s farm is situated in the municipal land of Syracuse, on the hill among Anapo valley and Fontanelle deep-valley, in the DOC area for the production of the Syracuse muscat wine. The area, where the sea and the land breeze always blows, has a mild climate in winter and fresh in summer, that’s why it was called “Frescura”.
The farm is in the central part of this area, sweetly sloping down towards the stream Fontanelle, in the place called “Orecchio di lepre”, from where you can see the port of Syracuse.
Continuing this old tradition and prizing his grandfather’s and his father’s experiences, Blundo’s farm in 1999 has reimplanted in the same places but with more modern and rational techniques, the old autochtonal wines of white muscat wine for the production of high quality DOC wine. The winery is really fascinating. It is situated in the rural family house and it is the temple where a great muscat wine comes to life.
And “last but not least” the names of these “nectars divine” : Aulòs or Flute, as Greek people called it et Silenòs or Silenus, the leader of the satyrs, virtuous and master flute player, great and inseparable friend of Dionysus or Bacchus.
Siracuse Muscat Wine And Its History
The origin of the Syracuse muscat wine dates back ages ago, often wrapt among myth and legend. This wine, coming from Minor Asia, was brought around the Mediterranean area from Phoenicians and Greeks. Syracuse, wonderful Greek colony was founded in 734 b.C. by Corinthians and with it, the history of Muscat wine begins, since it was imported by the founders Achaean kings.
The wine, in the generous fertility of the places near the Pentapoli, found the ideal terroir to grow, becoming a unique product.
Syracuse muscat wine called, since then “The Gods’ nectar”, finds well-deserved praises in every historical period, from the ancient historians to Albert Jouvin de Rochefort in his Grand Tour, from Giovanni Verga where his characters drank the “Syracuse good muscat wine”, to Alexandre Dumas who in “The big cookery dictionary” put it among the most famous crus in the paragraph “Foreign sweet wines”.

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