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Montelvini is one of the most dynamic wine producers in the Italian panorama, based in Venegazzù, a small fraction of Montello, in the province of Treviso, in the heart of the DOCG Prosecco Superiore Asolo and DOC Montello and Colli Asolani areas.
The Montelvini experience is based on 139 years of commitment by the Serena family in the production of quality wines. The company logo is represented by an owl because the area where the winery is located is called Zuitere, or “land of the owls”. An animal that has always been a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, sensitivity - which in Montelvini represents the wisdom in capturing the best fruits of a territory and the wisdom in leading it, respecting nature and its rhythms.
Montelvini creates refined and classy products, which are born from the grapes of the farms that the winery owns, selected respecting ecology and tradition.
The winery is the most modern one you can find in the Italian wine scene, thanks also to collaborations with leading multinational companies in the production of machines and products for oenology. The lines that make up the Montelvini range are five: Serenitatis Collection, the cutting edge, created to celebrate the more exclusive and refined side of Montelvini DOCG bubbles; Promosso Collection, tradition and elegance combined with the refined classicism signed Montelvini; Plumage Collection, line aimed at the modern market; Vintage Collection, which tells a journey of rediscovering distant scents and ancient traditions.
Today the company is chaired by Armando Serena, who also plays the role of President of the Asolo Montello Wine Consortium. The management is entrusted to his son Alberto, CEO, and to his daughter Sarah, General Manger.

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