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Masseria Barone Melodia

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The origins

are centuries-old, with strong traditions that lasted for more than 200 years. Generation after generation, these same roots instilled in Grandpa Vincenzo Racanati and Grandpa Vito Di Molfetta the passion for the natural products of the Earth.

The Historical

which today reached its 4th generation, has always been involved in the production of agricultural products, such as grapes, olives, fruit and much more. In the XXI century, they established themselves in the agricultural scene as main agro-industrial group.

Passion for the land

After, growingly driven by the same Passion for Land, constantly inspired by the valorisation of autochthonous vineyards and olive cultivars, and thanks to their strong Tradition, today they fascinate us with the fragrances, the flavours, and the colours of Puglia, kissed by the sun and the sea breeze… this is the highest expression of Masseria Barone Melodia!

With this spirit we select the best raw materials destined to our production and commercialization. High-quality standards are applied throughout the whole production chain, so as to obtain well-structured, full-bodied wines with a natural tannic basis, and Extra Virgin Olive Oils that stand out for their organoleptic properties.

…from the great Apulian classic Nero di Troia and internationally-known wines such as the Chardonnay, to the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils…we delight the palates of connoisseurs in more than three continents…

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