Lunatico prosecco superiore

Refrontolo Veneto

Lunatico prosecco superiore

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Back in 1997 the vineyard surrounding the villa at the top of the hill was showing signs of neglect. Production, which started many generations ago, was very limited. At the time, we decided to replant the vineyard almost just for fun to breath new life into it. Gradually, year after year, bit by bit, we were able to restore the old terracing, replace the old vines and purchase a small used tractor. It wasn't until the dawn of the new millennium that the vineyard was finally ready. Little more than one and a half hectares worth of terracing following the local croda soil and snaking through the hill surrounded by forest. We awed and celebrated our first harvests rewarding our efforts. The harvest was starting to become significant enough to contemplate making a business out of our own wine which was unthinkable a few years prior. With Dino's help, sustaining the effort, we started. The grapes became our own wine. We immediately fell in love with it, printed our first labels by hand. With a little help from our friends and the enthusiasm to reflect our beliefs into the color of this wine. We are proud of what we accomplished and we love our creation.

Our Location
In the heart of the ancient "strada del Prosecco d. o. c.", between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, the road climbs from the village of Refrontolo (Via Vernaz) through forests of oak and acacia to reach the top of the hill where Ca' Rizzi, a seventeenth century villa is located surrounded by our vineyard.

The Methodology

Our methodology is a reflection of our values. From the initial planning, the vineyard terracing was designed to follow the oreography of the land without unsettling the environment. No digging to affect the natural turf. The woods surrounding the vineyard are intact. Acacia poles accurately cut according to the lunar phases are used to support the vines with enhanced strength and durability. The vines are tied using willow twigs found at the end of the vine rows avoiding any use of plastic materials. The vine rows and the edges are kept naturally covered by lawn without resorting to any sort of plowing to avoid damaging the organic base which is so important to the nutritional content of the soil.

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