La Rachilana

Monforte d'Alba Piemonte

La Rachilana

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“La Rachilana” farm is situated among the green hills of Monforte d'Alba, a town and territory with a well-known wine tradition.
The company was founded in 1964 by grandfather Bartolomeo and his son Mario, after years of hard work among the rows as sharecroppers.
Today the company is run by Davide and Daniela and produces 4 hectares of Dolcetto d'Alba, Barbera d'Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo and Barolo.
Following the family tradition where quality, not quantity, is fundamental, in the vineyard the best grapes are selected to make a product worthy of these UNESCO heritage hills.
The company "La Rachilana" is totally family-run: everyone collaborates, from the brothers Davide and Daniela to the mother Antonella, wife of Mario.
The wines have taken shape thanks to the energy and passion transmitted from generation to generation and the emotional bond with the territory and its wine culture.
Looking back, but thinking about the future, the company has fortified the link with the earth by taking part in the project "The Green Experience", where respect for the environment is very important: for this reason, the weeds and insecticides have been replaced by manual mowing and pheromone traps.
The wines created by this company are able to amaze the finest palates, both siped alone or accompanied to the typical dishes of the Piedmontese tradition. The company from the harvest 2016 has decided to produce a further Barolo, the "Ravera" sub-area and the Alta Langa sparkling wine.

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