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La Marinella Vini

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Spring 2016 brings the first bottles of “La Marinella”, a name that we have chosen to accompany the sweet memory of our peasant family of Montemagno. Wine is Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato, DOCG today, that is an extraordinary taste episode in these lands of Monferrato.
In April 2016, “La Marinella” proposes two kinds of wine (two years, and two wines), both of them are Ruchè, but aimed at different tastes: one brilliant and easy to drink, and the other one full-bodied and pleasant, honed between six and eight months in oak barrels.
Throughout our debut we stand at just over twenty-five thousand bottles, but our ambition is to grow more and more, reassembling the Azienda Agricola "La Marinella" all the vineyards between Montemagno and Castagnole Monferrato that already cultivating our grandparents.
We will be proud to offer tasteful opportunities and knowledge of this extraordinary Monferrato: our idea is in fact that the landscape is also environment and production of high tastes.

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