Laghi d'Insubria

Albizzate Lombardia

Laghi d'Insubria

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"For us, wine is a journey that tells the values of a culture and its territory."
Winemakers for passion, our family begins to wine their grapes over the years
60 of the 20th year from its own vineyard of Mercallo dei Sassi on Lake Corgeno in the province of Varese.
Today the Farm has its wine heart in Albizzaei in the area of the IGT Ronchi Varesini.
The Wine Farm Lakes of Insubria has as a corporate mission viticulture and winemaking in respect and enhancement of the typical characteristics of the territory.
In fact, grow Nebbiolo, Merlot, Shyrah and Vespolina grapes for Red wines IGP Ronchi Varesini, Chardonnay and Erbaluce grapes for White IGP Ronchi Varesini wines. The highlight is the production of grapes for Meditation Raisin Wines with Malvasia, Croatina and Nebbiolo vines.
In our winery, the treatment of grapes and the management of winemaking take place in view of energy savings and the use of renewable energies. Vineyards and winery with its sale point are in Albizzate, in the heart of the Moorish hills of Varesotto, along the Valley of the Arno Varesino, about 350 meters high.

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