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iseldo maule

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The Maule Family has been involved with Wine and Agriculture for the last three generations.
In the heart of Veneto , in the town of Gambellara, near Venice is where Iseldo Maule create their natural wine.
Graziano wanted to produce the very particular wine his father Iseldo conceived.
Valentina , his granddaughter is now offering these wines on the International market.
On the Volcanic earth of Gambellara is where these grapes are cultivated. The roots of the vines absorb the richness of the tufaceous and basaltic soil.
That’s how their philosophy of cultivation was born , inspired by respecting the traditions of nature.
The final product in the bottle is a result of these special processes.
These wines , coming from that process are rich in minerality and full of personality.
The classic example is Iseldo Ancestrale Col fondo, the Venetian wine seeped in farmers wisdom.
The fizzy natural wine our grandfathers used to drink.

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