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I Pàmpini

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The wine-producing farm “I Pampini” (vineleaves), an estate owned by Carmen Iemma and Enzo Oliveto, extends on the south coast of Rome at about 2 km from the Tyrrheanian Sea, in a country called Acciarella, in the county of Latina.

The farm “I Pampini”, founded in 1999 has been completely renewed after its purchase and nowadays exploits all the new technologies in the production process. Each vineyard is planted in spurred cordon lines with a density of 4.000 plants per hectare. The best grape-harvest time is valuted according to tecnologic-organoleptic checks and phenolic ripeness; the harvesting is manual.

The modern and functional wine-cellar is completely supplied for the unloading of the grapes to bottling, with separate room for aging in barrels and in bottles at controlled temperature.
Awards Received
2009: Premio Slow Food® Lazio, Arsial per la Categoria "Produttori di Vino".

["Ad un'Azienda biologica, fra le migliori interpreti di una viticoltura di "costa" dalle sorprendenti qualità e ricchezze varietali"].

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