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Fattoria Lavacchio

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We are a boutique winery in the Chianti Rufina Appellation.
All our wines are certified Organic and are produced exclusively from our own grown grapes to ensure high quality. We also have a number of award winning wines, such as whites, super Tuscan and dessert wines, all certified organic.

Our wines reflect nature and the characteristics of the territory, of the vineyards and the vintage. Grape picking is carried out by hand according to old country traditions, for the best product quality.

The limited production imposed by biological cultivation guarantees above all a better quality the year later. Products are only proposed in vintage years in which they reach their best researched characteristics.
The composition of the land rich in structure and marl, together with the climate of the area, contribute to the high quality level of our wines. These are recognizable for the typical mark which links this to the production territory.

The wines have typical perfumes and tastes linked to structure and a suggestive character and have a long conservation period.
Over the years, our wines have received important recognition at international level and the newspapers have elected them amongst the best wines in Tuscany.

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