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Arco is in Vinci, a small medieval village where the famous Leonardo was born. Twenty kilometres to the west of Florence in the heart of the Chianti region. Located on soil which is very fertile, containing clay, deep, resilient and with a good skeleton which nourishes the vines enhancing the natural peculiarities.
The estate covers approximately 200 acres. Half of these are vineyards which include vines of innovative
varieties for the area, introduced over the years through some different experimental phases.
The soil takes on many different shades of color: the white pumice, the tuff which goes from yellow to garnet
red, the black volcanic stone. All these morphological differences contribute to createa unique
combination of earth. We have always produced Chianti DOCG and IGT Toscana wine. The most important grape variety we cultivate is Sangiovese, but we also have small vineyard of complementary grapes like Canaiolo, merlot, cabernet souvignon, cabernet franc , syrah , petit verdot , Montepulciano, Malvasia Rossa and also withe grapes like Trebbiano, San Colombano and Malvasia Bianca and vermentino .

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