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The Dominio di Bagnoli is a unique property of its kind, 1000 years of winemaking history live and are still preserved within its walls today.

The first activity of the Domain has always been agricultural and dates back to 954 AD.

It was the Lombard Duke Amerigo who donated the "Dominium" to the Curia of Padua who installed a confraternity of Benedictine monks there. These lands were thus reclaimed and cultivated, between the 10th and 13th centuries the current cellars, barns and warehouses, the courtyard and the Brolo were built.

In 1656 the Counts Widmann became owners of the estate and built one of the largest monumental complexes in the Veneto region on the foundations of the ancient Abbey.

The proximity to Venice made the Domain of Bagnoli a place loved by the great Venetian artists such as Antonio Bonazza and Carlo Goldoni who wrote here "The coffee shop", as well as illustrious poets such as Ruzzante and Pastò who celebrated the Vin Friularo produced by the Domain .

The cellar vinifies different types of grapes, producing white and red wines. The most representative grape variety is the Friulian which gives its name to the small D.O.C.G. Friularo di Bagnoli.

This autochthonous vine of ancient origins and rich in history, gives life to a wine that stands out for its acidity and tannins, extremely versatile, it reveals an excellent predisposition to aging and the creation of wines with great structure. From its white vinification, a sparkling wine with a golden, fresh and mineral color is obtained.
Awards Received
2016 Gold Medal "- Concours Mondial de Bruxelles; wine: “Late Harvest 2012
2015 "Silver Medal" - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles; wine: “Late Harvest
2011 DOCG "
2014 "Diploma of Great Mention" - Vinitaly, International Wine Competition:
"Late Harvest 2009"
2014 "Silver Medal" - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Wine: "Late Harvest
2009 "
2012 "1st Classified" - Ninth Review of Wines "Stradon del Vin Friularo" - Wine: "Wines
Bianchi Spumanti Brut ”and“ Vini Rossi Vendemmie 2009 and 2010 DOC Bagnoli ”
2011 "Grappolo d’Oro" - Guide to the excellent wines of Italy - Table and Taste 2011:
Wine: "Late Harvest 2003"
2011 The Gotha of taste - The Prince Tchernetich Institute for hospitality sciences.
International certificate of excellence
2011 Bibenda - Italian Sommelier Association -
Wine: "Friularo Vendemmia Tardiva 2001", Pti. 86
Wine: "Friularo Classico Riserva 2006", Pti. 86
Wine: "Friularo Passito 2001", Pti. 85
Wine: "Bianco S. Lorenzo 2003", Pti. 84
2011 Merano Wine Festval - Wine selected for "Bio and Dynamica 2011"
Wine: "Organic Pinot Grigio"
2011 Verona - Diploma of: "Great Mention"
Wine: "Friularo Vendemmia Tardiva 2003"
"International Wine Competition 'Vinitaly' 2011"
2011 Verona - Diploma of: "Great Mention" Wine: "Friularo Passito 2003"
"International Wine Competition 'Vinitaly' 2011"
2010 Valdobbiadene - "Silver Medal"
Wine: "Brut Charmat Method - Bagnoli D.O.C."
"7th National Wine Competition" Grandi Spumanti "2007"
2010 Parker Points - "91"
Wine: "Friularo Late Harvest - 2001."
2010 Merano Wine Festval - Wine selected for "Bio and Dynamica 2011"
Wine: "Organic Pinot Grigio"
2009 Merano wine Festival - "85 pti."
Wine: "White sparkling wine classic method 1999"
2009 Merano Wine Festval - Wine selected for "Bio and Dynamica 2011"
Wine: "Organic Merlot"
2009 Lions Wine 2009 - "Chimera of Red Wine"
Wine: "Friularo Late Harvest - 2001."
"Lions International Wine Competition 2009"

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