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Often when we talk about Sicily, we think of long sunny stretches of seaside vineyards. This is not
the case at Di Giovanna, an oasis of biodiversity inside the Nature Reserve of Monte Genuardo.
Mountain viticulture is practiced, with altitude peaks of 850 meters (2,800 feet) above sea level.
Di Giovanna's viticulture tradition dates back five generations. In the 1980s, the family vineyards
were consolidated and replanted, when Barbara and Aurelio Di Giovanna began a journey towards a
quality winemaking with their sons Gunther and Klaus. Today the Di Giovanna brothers, adept
and profoundly dedicated to their land, are assisted by Gianfranco Zito, who takes care of all the
winemaking operations.

The Di Giovanna property consists of 56 hectares of vineyards planted in Sambuca di Sicilia, on soil
with a strong calcareous component, in the highest areas (850 m) and with a greater presence of tuff
soil of volcanic origin, as the vines descend (400 m) to Contessa Entellina. The vines are trained on
single cordon with spur pruning. All in certified organic farming.

Di Giovanna's wines are united by expressive, savory notes and a distinctive yet elegant personality.
They are wines born from an artisan philosophy that maintains strong typicity of territory from the
heart of Sicily’s Terre Sicane.

Annual Production: 250,000 bottles

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