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Crespaia takes its name from the energy of the rippling waves of the sea that unite with that of the farmyard, since ever a place of encounters and exchange.

Quality as first priority: wines organically certified.
An ORGANIC reality, scruplously careful to teasure the land and long traditions: this is Crespaia, established in 2011 on the slopes surrounding the ancient church of Prelato, nestled amongst olive groves, on the rolling hills that encircle the seaside city of Fano.

The rich and diverse territorial heritage of Italy provides an ample selection of tastes, colours and smells, including our autochthonous grapes varieties Bianchello and Sangiovese.

Other products
Oil EVO, Grappa.

The most enjoyable way for you to get to know our wines is for us to invite you to Crespaia. Whatever you are curious about, it would be our pleasure to inform you, delight you and advise you. Relax in an informal, welcoming environment with a contemporary touch, to taste our wines in complete tranquility.

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