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The winery is located in Montebelluna (in the province of Treviso, in Italy’s north east) where I live with my husband Carlo and our two daughters Margherita and Isabella. Carlo is deeply passionate about producing wines using the sur lie, or on the lees, method and our home and the winery are one and the same, surrounded by a garden filled with ancient trees.

The vines and agricultural arm of the winery are in Monfumo, a village in the beautiful hills around Asolo which, with its medieval fort, is considered one of Italy’s most beautiful towns. Monfumo – together with Maser, Fonte, Castelcucco and Cavaso – is part of an enchanting land, filled with history and which has a rich culinary and wine-making tradition, all produce that can carry the Asolo name.

The vines, cultivated in lines and planted with a south east exposition, are kissed by the final rays of the sun until dusk, collecting the all the warmth they need to get through the colder nights. The vines follow the natural contours of the hills in a landscape unaffected by man and wholly as mother nature designed. All work on the land, including the harvest, is performed by hand so as to guarantee particular care for the grapes and produce the finest wines.

Our Cima del Pomer spumante is pleasantly fresh, with a straw yellow colour and aromas of wisteria and acacia flowers supported on the palate by flavours of apple and pear. It has a fine and persistent perlage of tiny, regular bubbles. This wine goes well with all kinds of foods, from finger food to fish and white meat-based mains, but goes especially well with raw fish and seafood hors d’oeuvres as well as delicately flavoured fist courses. During our tasting sessions held in the 19th Century tasting rooms, we present wines (often also from other producers) alongside local foods taken from this magnificent land between the Dolomite Mountains and Vanice and the Adriatic Sea.

At Cima del Pomer our wines include Prosecco Spumante Superiore DOCGs from Asolo and Valdobbiadene and sur lie semi-sparkling wines. These sur lie wines – not to be confused with cheap sparklers – are naturally sparkling and are made following a method developed in the family based on notes passed on to my husband describing the methods for making fondanti and vin santo which was once the chosen wine for special occasions.

In Monfumo we also cultivate 2 hectares of olives, all south facing on hillsides that remain unaffected by frost even during the coldest winters. The oil has a golden-green colour, and an aroma of fresh olives, green apples and almonds, typical of oil from the hills in the north east, alongside a harmonious flavour with a perfect balance of sweet, bitter and spicy notes.

The annual production of wine is around 36,000 bottles while we produce around 900 half-litre bottles of olive oil.

So, come to Montebelluna to get to know Prosecco, its people and the hugely varied land it comes from!

I look forward to seeing you here soon!

Alessandra Vegro Amistani