Cantina Priorino

Montepulciano Toscana

Cantina Priorino

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Passion, quality and craftsmanship: the three key words of the Priorino Cellar that you discover with the first taste.

The quality is its distinctive trait: a careful selection process accompanies every phase of the work, until arriving at the finished product.

Nothing is left to chance: every detail is followed by hand, with wisdom and method.
Using the most natural treatments possible, Jacopo and his collaborators, carefully follow every step, from the selection in the vineyard of the bunches and the grapes, to produce a high quality wine.

Like a craftsman’s workshop, in the Priorino Cellar every wine is looked after and cared for in minute detail: those particularities that make the difference and give an original and craftsman’s touch to the creation. Every bottle is a unique and precious creation, the fruit of a careful selection and passion for work and for good wines.

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