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Ca' di Pesa

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Located on the hills of Panzano in Chianti at an altitude of 400-430 meters above sea level, CA' DI PESA is a small family-run company. This allows us to carefully follow every single phase of the production process in order to obtain quality wine and oil. The Burroni family, wine producers from the eighteenth century and residents from the fourteenth century, has recently decided to start the bottling business, starting in 2015 with a small production of Chianti Classico.
The label tells how the Burroni family is one of the most historic in Panzano in Chianti.
"BURRONE" is not only a reference to the family surname, but also the location where both the family and the company are located. This is because even if the area is Ca ’di Pesa, in Tuscany it is customary to call an area like the family that lives there. Living in the locality of Ca 'di Pesa from the fourteenth century means that people began to call the BURRONE area because the family lived and still lives there, once in the callbook too was written locality Burrone instead of Ca' di Pesa because the people were get used to calling the place with the family surname. With this "BURRONE" it represents the family and the position of the home and the company. The bell, symbol of the family, belonging to a small deconsecrated chapel adjacent to the company, has passed into ownership of the company since it is engraved on Sant'Antonio, protector of farms and animals but above all also "BROTHERS BURRONI DID TO AD 1888" and with this it has become the emblem of the family and the company.

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