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Bulichella came into being in 1983, born from the desire of four families originating from northern, central, and southern Italy to live together as an extended family, distancing themselves from the traditional model of the nuclear family. In 1999 the Miyakawa family – Hideyuki and Marisa along with their children – became the business’s owners, and decided to embark on new projects from the experience they already had.
The distinguishing characteristics of the region contribute to the enhancement of the flavors of Bulichella’s wines: the salty breeze from the nearby Mediterranean shores, the warmth of the Tuscan sun, the microclimate of dry sunny weather from April to August and the variety of precious minerals found in the soil.
The vineyards extend into a medium-textured soil, basically clayey and their management follows strict criteria, aimed at ensuring a high quality production in full respect of ecological and environmental balances.