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Bulgarini Walter winery is located in the heart of the Colline Moreniche Mantovane (moranian Hills of Mantua province), close to the wonderful scenario of lake Garda.
The soil and microclimate are there particularly suitable for wine-growing.
Since it really cares for its region, the winery has adopted SUSTAINABLE GROWING METHODS, without herbicide, building the perfect link between innovation and tradition and producing wines that reflect and amplify the specific characteristics of the area.
The family-run winery offers the following wines:
Bianco frizzante, Rosè frizzante, Spumante Brut and Rosso del Borgo, whose grapes are grown in the Nature Reserve of Castellaro Lagusello vineyards, known as one of the most beautiful hamlet Italy’s and UNESCO World Heritage.
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  • Monzambano, Mantova, Lombardia, Italia

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