Moscatello della Trefaldina

La Corona

Scanzorosciate Lombardia

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Moscatello della Trefaldina 2018

Type: Red

Moscatello della Trefaldina vintage 2018 wine made from Moscato di Scanzo grapes

View: Ruby red with purple reflections, the Trefaldina muscatello is full and elegant when poured into the glass.
Smell: Approaching it to the nose a burst of red berry fruit pervades our sense of smell, spiced by spicy notes, absolutely tied to the grape variety and not to the processing in wooden barrels. They are still very delicate spices, black pepper, a light vanilla.
Taste: Tasting this well-structured wine, we perceive the explosion of very intense and complex aromas, which only Moscato di Scanzo can give. It is a very balanced wine, the softness, almost velvet, goes against the good freshness given in nature by the grape of this indigenous grape.
Pairing: The combinations we recommend are medium-high second courses, braised, stews, polenta with cheeses.

Data Sheet
Moscatello della Trefaldina
La Corona

  • Moscatello della Trefaldina
  • La Corona
  • 2018
  • Italia
  • Lombardia
  • Scanzorosciate
  • Red
  • Bottiglia 0,75l
  • 12,5
  • Cured meat, White meat, Hard cheese, Spicy food, Risotto

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