Azienda Agricola Casal De Luca

Aprilia Lazio

Azienda Agricola Casal De Luca

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- Our history
Our story begins in 1977, when Giulio De Luca settles on the Campoverde hill (in Aprilia, LT) and, although coming from a family of breeders, he decides to dedicate himself to the cultivation of vineyards and olive
trees. In the first period, the products of the vine confer to other wineries in the area, with one small quantity vinified only for family needs. Years later the son Sante reconverts the vineyards in rows and expands the company, which open its doors to the sons Giulio and Daniele in 2016 . Then the first bottles of “Casal De
Luca ”2017 vintage, with grapes vinified entirely in our new cellar, are presented to the public.
Thus begins a new chapter in our history.
- Our company
Our company covers 11 hectares, worked entirely with biological systems. Here, 10 hectares are dedicated to vineyards, with varieties of Pinot Grigio, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Trebbiano. The remaining hectare contains
Leccino quality olive groves. The Casale also includes a cellar in which we transform our grapes directly. We also have two official sales points: Cisternino Piera&Sante and Alimentari Roberta&Giulio.
- Respect for the environment
We have always had respect for the environment. We immediately took the road of organic agriculture with dedicated plant protection products and through the installation of one meteorological station to limit treatments only to necessity. We fight the wine moth (Lobesia Botrana) through the use of diffusers only for sexual confusion, and we have eliminated any insecticide, even biological. The respect for the environment is not neglected even in the choice of products for bottling. The bottles used are 100% recycled glass and the caps are obtained from sustainable and renewable raw materials derived from sugar cane.
- The labels
We don’t forget our origins: we were breeders. For this reason we wanted to pay homage to the horses that took part in the transhumance with our ancestors. Same horses give the wines their name and are represented in the act of walking, as a symbol of continuous growth and development of the company it self.

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