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Az. Agricola Ca di Tulin

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The family-run company takes care of everything from the harvest to the winemaking, from bottling and sales to the reception / tasting in the cellar. Like in a boutique, every liter of wine is the result of meticulous and artisanal work in the cellar and relational contacts with people. Our wine is aimed at those who know how to appreciate it and understand its value, which is why the Cà di Tulin company is careful in the choice of distributors and sales channels.
The company name Cà di Tulin derives from the name of the house, to indicate, in Piedmontese, the courtyard of the Bartolomeo Olivetti family. The current cellar is the one that our great-great-grandparents built near the hill and the provincial road behind. A natural embankment that limits temperature changes as much as possible, while constant humidity and low light have proved to be ideal environmental conditions for the maturation and aging of wine, excellent custodians of the quality of our wines.
Our vineyards are cared for according to peasant culture and according to agricultural production methods compatible with the needs of environmental protection and with the care of the natural space (According to EEC Regulation no. 1257/1999). Rules that we have adhered to since 2007 to pursue the highest quality of the grapes produced, to improve and promote the authenticity of the wines and to lovingly preserve the territory in which we live and work.
Since 2012, our company has started a self-regulation program aimed at continuous improvement in the search for the quality of the wine product and with the aim of improving the territory in which it operates.
Awards Received
• DOUJA D’OR: Cisterna d’Asti doc 2008 (2010); Douja della Barbera - Barbera d’Asti docg 2009 (2011);

• 6th Annual New York International Wine Competition: Medaglia d’argento Nebbiolo d’Alba (2016);

• 6th Annual New York International Wine Competition: Medaglia di bronzo for Langhe doc Arneis (2016);

• 6th Annual New York International Wine Competition: Nebbiolo d'Alba wine producer of the year (2016);

• DECANTER 2017- World Wine Awards: Cisterna d‘Asti doc superiore “INrochis” 2014- 85points

• DECANTER 2020- World Wine Awards: Cisterna d‘Asti doc “INrochis” 2016- 85points

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